Welcome to Culinary Alliances Your National Manufacturer Representatives & Importers

Culinary Alliances is a Specialty Food Marketing and Brokerage Company and a Direct Importer, representing manufacturers from the United States and around the world. Our partners create outstanding products, many of which are produced by food artisans and small manufacturers committed to quality and creativity. We represent the most cost-efficient method of doing business for the manufacturer, offering our complete portfolio of industry resources, sales experience, service and marketing abilities to effectively build relationships and create lasting partnerships. Our team can help you source and select the products you're looking for, offer detailed information on product uses, create merchandising materials and most importantly develop growth through sales.

Culinary Alliances supplies sales, marketing and administrative support for your team. The scope of services we offer, coupled with our foodservice, operations and marketing expertise, answers the needs of the evolving foodservice and retail channels. We continuously source and introducing innovative and exciting products to the marketplace.

If you're looking for a specific product or merely want to learn how we can help you, contact us anytime