About us

Our Purpose:
At Culinary Alliances, our goal is to launch new avenues of distribution for our principles by incorporating a collaborative environment with our vast network of distributors and end-users. Our sales team is dedicated to impacting these goals through responsive, informative and proactive service. We work directly for the manufacturer, providing a comprehensive sales force committed to successful partnerships and increased sales.

Who are Our Customers?
* Manufacturers
* Importers
* Foodservice Distributors
* Specialty Distributors
* Supermarkets

What we Specialize In:
With over 50 years of combined experience in the food service industry, our team is ready to become your “new” sales force. We employ the techniques and experience necessary to develop distributor and manufacturer partnerships and focus on Key Operator relationships. But we do not stop there. We further develop our associations by creating marketing plans and interacting directly with distributor sales representatives to effectively position products for better exposure and greater marketability.

We specialize in results!
If you're looking for a specific product or merely want to learn how we can help you, contact us anytime